Rebecca Puhl, PhD
Disclosures: Contracted Research-WW International - 12/02/2021

Dr. Rebecca Puhl is Professor of Human Development & Family Sciences at the University of Connecticut. She is also the Deputy Director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Health where she leads research and policy efforts aimed at reducing weight-based stigma and discrimination. Dr. Puhl received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Yale University. She has authored more than 160 peer reviewed research articles on topics including weight-based bullying in youth, the impact of weight stigma on health, weight stigma in health care and the media, and policy strategies to reduce weight-based bullying and discrimination. As a national research expert on weight stigma, Dr. Puhl has testified in legislative hearings on weight discrimination and routinely provides expertise on strategies to reduce weight stigma to national and international health organizations. She has also developed evidence-based trainings to reduce weight bias in health care that have been implemented in medical facilities across the U.S., and her work is routinely cited in the U.S. national media. Dr. Puhl has received multiple national awards for her research, from organizations like the National Eating Disorders Coalition, the Obesity Action Coalition, and The Obesity Society who selected Dr. Puhl as the recipient of the national scientific achievement award for excellence in an established research career. She was also the inaugural recipient of the Faculty Excellence in Research Award in Public Scholarship at the University of Connecticut. You can visit for more information about Dr. Puhls work.